Best Camping Stove Reviews 2016

Camping, as an activity, is outdoorsy. You cannot be far from the realms of nature; it is well within your DNA. Camping is an activity normally taken on by father and son, and seems to be a perfect foil for the family outing. So, when you go out camping, a hot meal at an unfamiliar location is something that can help you to feel at home, even thousands of miles away from the nearest human habitat. So, what makes up the perfect product to accompany you in your camping trip? Well, a camping stove is the desired product, a favorite of all campers.

Different types of camping stoves: –

  1. Camping wood stove: -As the name suggests, the camping wood stove extracts its fuel from wood. Normally, small twigs, can help you could light the fire. However, the cooking is done in an enclosed location, and then it can prove to be fatal. Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of the burning of the wood can lead to asphyxiation. So, when using the camping wood stove, ensure that it is used in an open location, sheltered from the rain and moisture.
  2. Camping stove propane: – This kind of stove has propane as the fuel component. Propane is located in canisters, and is one of the cleanest burning gases that you can find. The temperature of propane can rise pretty high, thereby making it an excellent stove for your outdoor camping activities. However, reports of bad performance in high altitudes have been a frequent part that has bogged down the reputation of propane camping stoves for those interested in mountain hiking.
  3. Gas camping stove: – Gas or gasoline camping stoves are fired with gasoline as the intended fuel. These kind of camping stoves have a built-in tank, from which the gasoline is readily available for burning. However, a primary disadvantage is that gasoline is a toxic substance, and the soot which comes out due to cooking in this stove can get into the food. This makes it nearly impossible to conduct any kind of cooking during the night. Furthermore, it is also a fire hazard as gasoline evaporates very easily.
  4. Electric camping stove: – The electric camping stove is purely functional in case you happen to be in close proximity to any electrical outlets. Using this stove, you can get clean, efficient cooking, without any hazardous byproduct.

Buying guide for portable camping stove: –

It may seem unlikely, but purchasing a portable camping stove is a tough task. Below are some of the requirements that help you to understand the right kind of camping stove that you need for your journey.

  1. Preference: -Do you like boiling or simmering? Well, there are many backpackers that simply prefer to go for a camping stove that boils water and water -related food very rapidly. This is mainly utilized when it comes to procuring drinking water by melting snow. However, there are others that prefer to go for a gourmet type style, which requires some sort of simmering control over the food. So, your portable camping stove would depend upon your need and requirement in this regard.
  2. Size of the group: -If you have more than three people travelling with you in your camping trip, then carrying two or more stoves is important. That is if you do not want to remain hungry for a long time. After all, when you happen to travel for your camping trip, then waiting for a long time to cook food due to the presence of only one stove can prove to be an excruciating task for you. Moreover, most of the modern camping stove is extremely small and light, thereby carrying two or more should not be much of a problem for the entire group.
  3. Fuel needs: – let’s undertake a rough calculation; at least 60 cups of water can be heated for every 8 ounces of fuel that you carry around for your camping stove. So, depending upon the size of the canister, carrying around fuel would also be a primary prerequisite to purchase a camping stove. Moreover, if you would not like to increase the burden of your backpack, then going for a wood camping stove, whereby you make use of the wood near your camp could also be a justification for its purchase.
  4. Length of the trip: – The length of the trip is also a requirement that you need to take into contention when selecting a camping stove. When you go for a trip of at least 15 to 20 days through diverse climates and terrains, you would need a camping stove that will be able to work under all conditions. Realizing that high winds, cold temperature, as well as diminishing fuel could play spoilsport to your cooking capabilities, you would need a camping stove that can subvert all those problems and provide you with a stellar performance in terms of cooking.
  5. Budget: -The budget is also a primary consideration when it comes to purchasing the perfect cooking stove for your camping needs. When purchasing, you also have to factor in the past of the fuel, in case you go for the fuel enabled camping stove. This can help you get a realistic idea on the total budget required for purchasing a camping stove.

Best camping stove reviews: –

With a lot of choices of good quality camping stoves, have a look at some of the camping stove reviews mentioned below to help you decide on your ultimate choice.

  • COLEMAN 2000010642 single burner propane stove (B00GVLDK4A): – The single burner propane stove from COLEMAN is one of the best propane stoves for your camping needs. It provides a continuous output of propane regardless of the vagaries of the weather. It has simmering controls, and has at least 8 inches in diameter of burner bowl that can be used in order to cook large portions of meals without any issues. The support located in the pot can help shield the flame from high-intensity wind. The propane tank that accompanies the stove will be able to last nine hours of cooking on low flame. Customer reviews in 2016 show the product to gain an outstanding 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Features: –

  • A total weight of 2.25 pounds makes this product highly transportable and an ideal companion to your camping needs.
  • It provides a consistent performance, even in the face of extreme conditions of weather.
  • It has about 10,000 BTU of cooking power.
  • An 8” cooking pan can fit in the stove.
  • Baffles located in the pan protect the burner from the wind, to provide maximum heat for cooking.
  • It comes at an affordable hosting of $ 20.99.
  • Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range (B00JMCW23K): – When you need a rugged, robust stove that is great for all your camping needs, then theCamp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range is the solution to your problem. The heavyweight construction ensures a tough exterior that can be used for your daily needs, while at the same time it remains very much a part of your outdoor camping expeditions as well. The legs, included with this product can be removed and it can be transported without any issues whatsoever. A shipping weight of 22.5 pounds makes it a tad bit heavier, but still a wonderful product nonetheless. Customer review ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars make it a wonderful product to be included for your next camping trip.

Features: –

  • It contains a total cooking power of 60,000 BTU.
  • Has over 450 square range of cooking area.
  • Contains a three sided windscreen for maximum protection of the flame from wind.
  • 14 inch diameter cooking system which can fit a lot of accessories to cook wholesome meals for your family during camping expeditions.
  • It comes with a regulator that can be fitted with a portable or a bulk propane tank as and when necessary and according to the occasion.
  • The cost of $106.56 has been associated with this product.
  • Etekcity 2 pack ultra-light outdoor backpacking camping stove (B00ZA39W6U): – The convenience and portability associated with theEtekcity 2 pack ultra-light outdoor backpacking camping stove is one of its strong points. With the stainless steel and aluminum alloy body, this product is one of the lightest and possibly the best portable camping stove that can be found in the market for this budget. It also comes with a carrying case that can add to its portability. The inclusion of the Piezo ignition system allows for very fast ignition, and a consistent flame along with adjusting capability from low to high settings. A comprehensive 4.4 out of 5 stars make this product is one of the best when it comes to camping stoves.

Features: –

  • Made out of an amalgamation of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, ensuring that it can stand very high temperature and pressure.
  • The design is made ultra-light; hence portability is certainly enhanced with this product.
  • It is compatible to any butane, propane, or even mixed fuel canisters.
  • It has adjustable flame control that will be able to provide simmering feature to the cooking, leading to a lot of efficiency.
  • Comes at a wonderful pricing of $ 17.99.
  • SIMBR backpacking camping stove (B01C2MKZTE): – The SIMBR backpacking camping stove comes with the windproof lotus design, which provides effective deflection of the wind. It has been designed for places that have an excessive wind speed, notably, for the mountains. Designs of the windshield make it very easy for storage as well as usage as and when necessary. Weighing only 1.04 pounds, this ultra-light product can be easily transported without any excessive weight load on your backpack. With a stupendous 5.0 out of 5 stars, this is the ultimate camping stove that you can purchase from the market.

Features: –

  • This compact portable stove comes with foldable metal feet along with folding blades that look like a lotus in shape. This is primarily done to cover up high winds.
  • Extremely easy to use and excellent storage facilities for outdoor activities applicable to this product.
  • Comes with an extremely safe valve, which is coupled with ultra-quiet operation.
  • At a knockout price of $ 20.99 makes it a wonderful product to behold.

Conclusion: –

Selecting a product is always going to be a tough decision. More so, when your basic survival in the lap of nature is dependent upon this product. So, selecting a camping stove can be an arduous task, but with our unbiased reviews, you would be able to select the perfect product for your needs.