Best gun safes for camping

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We chat a lot about camping stoves on our blog and how to choose the best one but another really important aspect of camping is gun safety. This is something we feel very passionately about and we really value the advice from Chris over at Best Gun Safes Info with his ultimate guide. He goes through every type of different gun safes available including portable ones for the cars to make sure your guns are safe from your kids. You must check out the laws regarding transporting firearms and especially if traveling to Alaska through Canada. The TSA has a great website with all the information about transporting firearms that you can find here.

His top tip in ensuring your gun safe is doing its job is to look for a safe that has a couple of ways to lock the safe. This can include biometric safes and a key or passcode and a key. Key’s can be hard to keep track of but if the digital system happens to fail when you are out camping you won’t have access to your guns.

Pistol Sized Gun Safes

If you are needing to only store smaller handguns then he recommends a few types but the ultimate portable car gun safe that is light and easy to use is the GunValut NV200. This will keep your pistol safe especially from the kids but allows you to feel secure even when camping.

Rifle Sized Gun Safes

If you are needing to store your larger rifles that you use for hunting while you are camping there are a few different options. A locking rifle gun case such as the Comie Gun Case is a great choice and storing your ammo seperate in say a locked glove box of your vehicle is extra secure with kids.

These tips can hopefully keep your firearms secure and safe while you enjoy the outdoors. And with a camp roast on the camp stove while you are out for a hunt, you will have a delicious meal waiting for you back at camp.