Best Camping Stoves

Buying a new camping stove can be overwhelming but here we hope to make it easier for you. There are a few things to consider as we explained in this post here
This post looks at more detail into what specifications you need for your camp stove needs.


The amount of burners is extremely important in what you are trying to cook but can also impact the weight of the stove. The single or two burner units are great to cook small meals and are perfect for a family. For bigger groups and lots of mouths to feed you may need to consider a triple burner stove.


Camping stoves come in one of two sorts, they either come with legs and are taller, or sit on a table top. Table top camp stoves are more popular as they are a lot lighter and easier to transport. They can take up valuable table space however so an extra fold up table is helpful. If you are wanting to cook a camping feast and you have the ability to transport larger objects, then the freestanding camp stoves are for you. You will be able to cook up an amazing feast!

cooking on a outdoor stove



A wind screen or shield is an important feature especially if you are going to be cooking in windy areas like the beach. The wind screen also helps to heat the water and food faster because the wind screen traps in more heat.


Many lightweight burners come with a push button ignition which can be very easy to start. Matches may be needed for some burners so check the features out on each item you research. In case the ignition doesn’t light the burner, carry a set of matches.


As explained in the post here about different fuel types, each type of fuel used as it’s benefits and drawbacks. Look closely at the recommendations and think about where you will use the stove most to work out the best fuel source.


Choosing the right camping stove for your needs will add to your camping experience but if you choose the wrong one it will become more of a hassle than a benefit. Don’t forget to maintain your camping stove as with anything dealing with fuel this is very important to keep you and your camping friends and family safe.