Different types of Camping Stoves

There are many different types of camping stoves on the market and it can sometimes be hard to know what will suit you best. Hopefully this post will make it clearer on what stove will suit you best and if purchasing a couple of different sorts would work for you.


Camping Wood Stove

This type of camping stove derives its heat from burning wood. To start you need small amounts of sticks that help start the fire. It is most important to use a camping wood stove in an open location as in an enclosed space carbon monoxide, which is a byproduct of burning wood, can be very dangerous. The fire can not be used in the rain as the water will put the fire out.

Camping fire

Camping Stove Propane

Propane stoves use propane for its fuel and is a very clean burning gas. Propane, which is located in canisters for stoves, make an excellent stove choice. If you are interested in mountain climbing be aware that there are reports of the propane stoves not working at higher altitudes.


Gas camping stove

Gas camping stoves a built-in tank where the gasoline is contained and ready to burn. The main disadvantage of gasoline is the toxic substance that is emitted. Also a soot that is produced when cooking can get into the food. This make is difficult to cook in low light as it can be hard to make sure that it’s not falling into the food. Gas camping stoves can be a fire hazard as the gasoline evaporates easily.

Gas fire


Alcohol burning stoves

These small stoves fueled by alcohol type fuels are a great choice for hikers as they are extremely lightweight and the fuel is easy to buy. They do have a slow cooking time so don’t expect your cup of tea in a hurry.


Electric camping stove

If you have access to an electrical outlet the electric camping stove is the best choice. You get clean, efficient cooking similar to home, without the hazardous by-products.


Our tip for camping in the outdoors is to use a propane camping stove as it’s a great all rounder. If you are heading on a long hike in the mountains the alcohol burning stoves are a great choice.